Bending Machine
The range of industrial CNC bending machines is easy to operate and handle. These machines are used in the construction industry, and also for steel bar processing factories. The application areas are railways, aircraft and shipbuilding.
CMM Inspection Machine
We provide CMM inspection machines which are reliable and give the same result in every test. These machines give accurate measurements which helps to minimize scrap, rework as it also reduces inspection bottlenecks.
Cable Tray
In chemical, tyre, food, and oil refinery plants, these industrial cable trays are frequently used to support insulated electrical cables. The application areas of these trays are power distribution, control, and communication. These are hot dip galvanized and deliver a strong anti-corrosion performance.
HPDC Assembly
We have a large inventory of SMG HPDC Assembly which is used to generate an accurate casting in order to provide a smooth surface. This assembly method is ideal for low-volume requirements. SMG HPDC Assembly can solidify molten metal into a near-net form.
Industrial Conveyor
In the category of material handling equipment, we are offering industrial conveyors that are used in various manufacturing, packaging, and storage settings. These are durable and corrosion resistant. Based on the personalized needs, customers can choose belt, chain or slat industrial conveyors.
Laser Cutting Machine
Features with the lowest maintenance costs and a closed laser system, all our laser cutting machines are based on the latest technology. These have a cutting table system that is provided along with the cross-flow ventilation.
Leak Testing Machine
All the leak testing machines are made from stainless steel and have 3 phase operation. These are time tested and their operational frequency is in the range of 50 to 60 Hertz. They work at the voltage of 220-240V.
Nylon Sheet
All types of nylon sheet available here are known for having higher resistance to the factors of wear and impact. These are mainly used in the areas of the processing industry and aircraft constructions to name a few.
Polypropylene Sheet
We are accepting inquiries for bulk polypropylene sheets in different colors like red, green, yellow and others. The thermal insulation and sound insulation is excellent. Because of this, these sheets are used in the automotive industry for the packing purposes.
Press Machine
The hydraulic press machine makes use of the static pressure of a liquid for the purpose of converting it into a force that is compulsorily required for assorted industrial operations such as bending, molding, forging, metal forming, drawing, and punching.
Scissor Lift
We are offering the best performing pneumatic and hydraulic scissor lifts that can be selected based on the parameters of working height, type of lift drive, overall lifting capacity and material of construction.
SPM Machine
From a wide range of SPM machines, our customers can choose the ideal model, based on the parameters of automation grade, electricity phase, material of construction, power source and voltage required.

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